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Breakfast delivery, Gustave formula

from 16.50€
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1 pistol / 1 butter croissant / 1 pain au chocolat 1 slice of multigrain breadButter2 jams2 slices of traditional cooked ham2 slices of cheese1 plain yogurt250 ml fresh orange juice1 fruit

Breakfast delivery, Félicie formula

from 22€
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1 gun / 1 butter croissant / 1 pain chocolat 1 slice of multigrain bread Butter 2 kinds of charcuterie/ 2 kinds of cheese (2 pieces of each) 1 plain yogurt 250ml fresh orange juice 1 seasonal fruit salad 1 serving of granola 250ml whole milk 1 vegetarian quiche for 2 people

Breakfast delivery, child formula

from 9€
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1 min soft sandwich / 1 mini pain au chocolat / 1 mini croissant 1 kiri cheese 1 portion of jam/1 portion of chocolate 1 homemade applesauce 250ml farm milk 250 ml Cecemel 1 serving of cereal

Breakfast delivery, brunch formula

from 35€
Online reservation
Minimum 2 people Gun Slices of multi-grain bread Butter croissants Chocolate bread home made granola-bars 2 kinds of jam chocolate spread Plain Organic Sheep Yoghurt (Local Pdt) Butter Fresh fruit salad Fresh orange juice Whole milk 3 kinds of charcuterie 3 kinds of cheese House smoked salmon Vegeta...

Sports massage (20 min.)

from 45€
Online reservation
Tonic massage, mainly working to relax the muscles. The gestures chosen will adapt to the sport practiced by the massé. Series of maneuvers placed in a muscular logic. Massage performed with certified organic oils by Anne Horten from "Destination well-being & relaxation", in strict compliance wi...

Candle massage (1h15)

from 130€
Online reservation
Preferred massage for people who are stressed, overworked, or who do not appreciate the massage of the front face. The gesture in combination with the use of a wax, is chosen for a total osmosis between the material and the gesture. The candle massage is a "cocooning" corner, essential in cold seaso...

Seated massage (30 min.)

from 50€
Online reservation
The seated massage is performed on an ergonomic chair, through clothing. It is carried out by pressure on the areas of tension of the back, the arms and the skull. 20 minutes are enough to be both relaxed, have a boost of energy and better concentration. Massage performed by Anne Horten from "Destin...

Well-being back massage (30 min.)

from 50€
Online reservation
Your posture improves as the muscles around your spine relax and become more flexible. Your blood circulation is restarted and stimulated, which helps your body in muscle recovery and better overall tone. Massage performed with certified organic oils by Anne Horten from "Destination well-being &...

Relax massage (60 min.)

from 80€
Online reservation
The person massaged feels immediate well-being. This massage is particularly recommended for people suffering from the negative effects of stress on the body. It helps to calm the mind to harmonize the corns and the spirit. Massage performed with certified organic oils by Anne Horten from "Destinati...


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